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The Sunhee Story

The Sunhee Story - Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

My husband and I have been married for eight years. Despite both of us testing normal, however, we were not able to conceive for many years. One unexpected day, we learned that I was pregnant. We went for our first ultrasound, and learned that there were two heartbeats. We both welled up with tears of joy, for we knew God had blessed us immensely!

It wasn’t an easy pregnancy from the beginning and nothing could have prepared us for what we heard from my doctor at 18 weeks. One of our baby’s heart was enlarged and she had fluid deposits in her body. I was referred to a specialist and he diagnosed that I had twin-twin transfusion syndrome. The news crushed us, as the survival rate for such a condition is very low. And the treatment options did not sound very promising either. But our doctor told us the best option was for us to see a surgeon in Los Angeles who specialized in a special laser surgery to treat the condition. We were very skeptical of this procedure since it was fairly new, but decided to follow our doctor’s advice.

We went for our initial consultation with Dr. Ramen Chmait and were greeted warmly. Dr. Chmait and his staff answered all of our questions and gave us hope. His compassion and his dedication were beyond our expectations. We appreciated his honesty and had total trust going into the surgery. Tensions were high during the day of the surgery, but Dr. Chmait and the Nurse Coordinator provided much needed comfort and support. The surgery was a success and the twins responded immediately to the surgery, growing at a steady, healthy pace. It was nothing short of a miracle! After going through this difficult time, I realized there are so many couples out there with the same condition. Thank God for the new hope in this procedure!

Elisia and Eliana Sunhee were born on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006, at 4:16 pm and 4:19 pm. Elisia weighed 5 lb; Eliana was 3 ounces lighter at 4 lb 13 oz. Both of them are home with us today, eating and sleeping very well! Just the fact that these two precious angels are alive is a testament to God and the life-saving procedure that Dr. Chmait performed!

- Mr. and Mrs. Sunhee